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Why Massage?

Massage Therapy can be a relaxing and stress relieving experience or in terms of Medical Massage it can be result and rehabilitative focused and performed with the intent of improving conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician. A wide variety of modalities or procedures are employed during treatment.

What can Massage Treat?

Massage can provide pain relief, aid in faster recovery from injuries whether they be soft tissue, sports related, post surgical or the result of an accident. It can serve to increase range of motion and flexibility, alleviate muscle spasm. Massage can calm the nervous system, reduce stress, promote circulation, aid digestion and bring about an awareness of posture. Massage has a role in prevention, particularly in terms of reducing the occurrence of conditions (such a tension headaches or migraines that have a musculoskeletal origin), ensuring soft tissues do not contribute to nerve compression and impingement and in reducing or alleviating chronic pain.

What to Expect?

The first treatment will involve a short interview to discuss your medical history, concerns and any current pain. All treatments are unique and aim to address and focus on treating  the presenting condition and any contributing factors. Having aches and pains is not a prerequisite for massage. You can simply book in with the goal of feeling relaxed and indulging in some time out.

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